Saturday, 12 March 2011

Yoga Jam, something to talk about

Looking back at all the 6 Yoga Jam Events since September, each one has been so unique offering each of us something to talk about! Each one has given different teachers an opportunity to have their voices heard and to move us in their own specialized way. The energy they bring to us is a reflection of their own authenticity and love of what they do.

And talk about authentic...the last Yoga Jam was on a whole other level! Those who were there are collectively nodding and smiling.

I had always wanted to bring in a live musical performance to the Yoga Jam, and Will Blunderfield was on my radar. I thought if I could combine him with the uber powerful and bright Lara Kozan, the founder of YYoga I would have something diabolical. Lara had trained and traveled with Baron Baptiste which connected us to our love for the Africa Yoga Project. When I asked her to leave her young daughter and husband behind, set aside her hugely busy work life and intense teaching schedule to teach for free...all I got was a flash of bright white teeth and a sparkling YES. Synergy then came into play with her contacting Will to come and co-teach and sing! Will was quick to jump in with his effervescent and big yes. I don't know if I have ever been in the presence of such an open, caring, daring, loving and truly inspiring person. Every person in the room was deeply moved by his talent, passion and love.

Will and Lara began the Yoga Jam in a traditional way, all of us sitting, eyes closed, ready to be guided. Will spoke of starting with a chant, a chant that dates back to the early 1990's... Our ears perked up. He begins, "it goes something like this...ohhhh oh, living on a prayer, take my hand we'll make it I swear, ooooooooooh oh living on a prayer!" Really? Bon Jovi? Ok I'm a girl who is a total sucker for Bon Jovi, but singing that song to start a Yoga class...well right on, why not! I look around the room and the participants are either smiling hugely or crying. Beautiful.

The rest of the class Will put on a concert. His heartfelt songs and masterful voice carried us all through the most inspiring and joy filled yoga experience I have ever experienced! Lara lit up the room with her powerful teaching style accompanied by her lighting bright smile. Fearlessly, Lara and Will broke all the boundaries of what we conceive a Yoga class to be. I love that. They rocked us, moved us, made us dance, laugh, hug and cry. My dear friend Sue Elmas looked at me while we were all standing holding hands singing "Imagine" and said "oh ohhh" then the flood gates opened - tears covered up her sweat. Ahhh the release, the unabashed ability to let go. And why not! We were amongst our supportive and loving community nurtured and fostered by Lara and Will's confidence in us, their desire to bring more out of us. It paid off.

Joanna Berringer said to me after "I couldn't just go home after that, I had to go out and do something AWESOME!" Yeah we created stories. We are forever imprinted with the zest and zeal of the BIG love that came out of that event. Dave Halliwell said "that was the most love I've ever felt at one time!"

Ok now check this out, Dagan Beach creatively put together a time lapse of the event. It's perfect.

That was the last Yoga Jam, what stories will we create at the next one? It's all about what's possible when we come together. Our teachers Tanya Di Valentino, soulful, sweet and rich in knowledge and Colleen Felgate, powerful, strong, bright and thorough. Sweet and spicy. They are being accompanied by Rya who will be assisting and Polek will be plucking our heartstings with his soul-full guitar! See you all on Saturday March 26th. Yeah!



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