Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Real Deal

The Real Deal. I'm on a quest to discovering and articulating what this is. So far it's been an impression, a thought I've had about people I've met along the way. Now I've come to a place in my life and teaching where the Real Deal is not only needed but required to elevate this world. I'm 100% committed to being the Real Deal, I may waver and falter, but I'm committed none the less.

This weekend I had the great pleasure of being in a workshop with Nico Luce from YYoga's North Shore Elements. His workshop was based on the teachings of the Tao Te Ching, the "being" in an asana practice as opposed to the "doing". He presented his interpretation of these teachings with such richness that it was like stepping into a botanical garden and drinking in all the sensations. His voice is lilting and sweet, most of all his words are true. It was the depth of authenticity that struck me and set me deeply at ease. I watched him teach and it was as if he were a muse to our inner artist. The deep pleasure that he gets from teaching is so evident that it's contagious. Nico has nourished my love of yoga and it's softer side. What he allowed was for me to be in a yin state even while doing a handstand, the result - authenticity.

What I see is that the over efforting and grinding determination creates hardening and will ultimately land us deeper in a hole. I know because I've been there. I'm a determined woman, and so, what would it be like if I just trusted, softened and let the "doing" happen by simply "being"? This is a beautiful concept that I've long struggled with - the notion of sitting back just wasn't going to work for me. But what I experienced yesterday was a mirror on my mat, and man, I liked what I saw. I thanked Nico after the class and sang his praises and you know what he said to me? "You are a reflection of what you see in others" this generous dude knows how to light me up. Yes, I suppose why I loved his teachings so much wasn't that he knew how to get us into some amazing poses, but that his message aligns with mine - that who you are is so much more beautiful than what you do. This is what I'm up to discovering and empowering in others, and most of all, in myself.

Thank you Nico for creating the space for me to see something so beautiful and something completely mine. Thank you for teaching me to hold on to centre and not reach out wildly for something outside of myself. There is beauty in the truth.
Saturday, 7 January 2012

Let go. Repeat.

What's the answer when things get complicated? How do we handle relationships that aren't going according to plan? How do we find out for sure how people feel about us? Of course the word "us" is code for "me"... 

I'm going deep into readings of various sorts and it seems clear to me that the answer is always "let go". I look up, scrunch up my forehead, wonder how and then, oh, right... let go means now. Let go means NOT figuring it out. Let go doesn't mean wait for someone to behave differently or for a situation to change, it means let go - now. 

I'm wondering if you are with me on this? Do you experience ease at letting go of some things, but oh hell no, not THAT? Seems that the key to happiness is to let go of exactly THAT. Damn. 

So why is this coming up for me now? It seems that when things go well for me, or even when they go badly, I can always find myself cavorting with an old feeling of not being good enough. I can blame almost anything on that one little hot spot. Letting go of that seems to mean stepping into being not only good enough but splendidly marvellous. But where's the drama in that? What would life be like with no tether to lowly thoughts? I can honestly say that the very first thought that I had was that I can be bigger and better for my kids, my husband and those I reach out to. Drop the crap and shine, it's time.

So my practice today and every day will be to let go and repeat!

Monday, 2 January 2012

1 step to greatness

Blogging is an amazing opportunity to keep er real. I find myself poised over the keyboard wanting to write something pretty and profound. Nothing happens as I'm stalled by the smell of pretention. I've been loving reading other blogs and seeing the freedom from which they are written; some are funny, some generous and some gut wrenching. 

Walter and James, brothers and kick ass teachers!!
Teaching yoga is a parallel world to blogging - no truth, no honesty, no generosity equals a deadsville class. Now it takes some serious courage to be vulnerable yet powerful in front of sweaty "yoga faces" and lead a class from the heart. I feel truly blessed to have experienced some of the great masters. Some are highly trained teachers such as my GREAT teacher Baron Baptiste (of course), one of his master teachers Kirsten Mooney (she rocked my world within 5 seconds) and the amazing Ryan Leier (among many others!). And I've been especially lucky to witness great teachers who are not educated, live in 8' x 8' slum cells, speak broken English and face some of the most grinding poverty in the world. 

What I experienced witnessing the Africa Yoga Project teachers opened my eyes to this year's buzz word "possibility". 

I sucked at school. My mum gave me all my report cards from high school and I sunk into a little self pity party. What pulled me out of my small world slump are Iengar's words: "self knowledge leads to wisdom". I note that he doesn't say "knowledge" only! Diving into self knowledge is something I am taking on in a big way. I'm ready to dig deep, live big bold and real. I've been deeply inspired. 

So what is the ingredient that can take ANY person to living a big bold life of powerful leadership and creation? Courage. Living life while "telling the story of who you are from your whole heart." - Brene Brown. So keep diving deep into the sometimes murky waters of self knowledge and chip away at showing your heart. I promise I will and my promise is that I won't write or teach to protect a veneer and look pretty. Nah, I've bawled my eyes out in front of a class and it's way better than reciting a script. Keepin er real!

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