Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I was reading a bedtime story to my 5 year old son called "A teaspoon of courage" which was a sweet and simple guide to mustering up what we all have inside us for when things look tough. It occurred to me that is exactly what I need right now.

I have been a graphic designer for about 18 years and the trade has served me well. I've always been an entrepreneur mostly to accommodate my chronic need to be free, independent and most of all creative. I have loved some amazing opportunities graphic design has brought me over the years. During the most independent time of my life I was fortunate enough to be the in-house designer at the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corp and was a part of the core team when we won the bid to host the Winter Olympics. That project fulfilled all my deepest desires, to contribute to a team, to be creative with purpose and to be a part of something big. Since then I've worked on great projects and have also been able to maintain an income from my home while raising my wee kids. And since having kids and discovering Yoga I have transferred my entrepreneurial spirit to something I am deeply passionate about. A project I can sink my teeth into with my whole heart. I can apply my design and marketing skills to really put myself out there and hope that I can share what I love with my community.

This courage stuff came up for me when the reality of supporting the lifestyle that I've been living sunk in. I had a moment of wondering if I should abandon my endeavour of passion and go back to what I know earns me money. But interestingly enough my body is telling a different story. Everytime I sit at my computer I get a horrible pain in my arm and shoulder. It's unbearable. I can't concentrate and I need to move. My body is sending the message that my rational side is questioning. Can I have the courage to listen? Can I have the courage to trust the old saying "do what you love and the money will follow"? As yogi's most of us have a hard time discussing money. It almost seems taboo to strive for a great income while being at service to others. It is a risk for me to even put this out there...

And when I really look at the abundance I crave so much, I realize how unbelievably rich I am. I am doing what I love and I am making a difference to others. Courage seems to only be required to buck what my belief system tells me about abundance. What kind of currency am I dealing with here? Yoga allows me to reach out to others and speak the language of spirit. How can I give that up and go back to sitting behind a computer separate from the connection I so long for? 

I am so clear on what lights me up - creativity, connection and community. The Yoga Jam is all about that! The events make me happy and fulfill me deeply. If money is my concern then how can this be when all the money is given to a cause? The events generate abundance for others in a meaningful way and THIS is what fulfills me.

I am digging deep to access the courage inside me to lead the life I have waiting for me and stop gripping to the life I think I should have as Joseph Conrad said. I am committed to telling the story of who I am from my whole heart, not to you, but to me.

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My name is Erin Anderson, I'm in love with yoga. I found out how to love deeper, live lighter and reach further through yoga. I'm passionate about sharing just that. In order to do that, I created The Yoga Jam Events as a means to elevate spirit, cultivate community and generate abundance. Coming together in play, breath and movement we can make real impact in the world, starting in Kenya with a possibility that knows no bounds. Each Yoga Jam Event donates proceeds to the Africa Yoga Project www.africayogaproject.org. This blog is dedicated to what I've learned along the way.
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