Monday, 8 August 2011

Social media or virtual living.

Social Media was made for me. I'm the first to admit that I'm hooked. I didn't think I would be but well here I am blogging, tweeting and all over facebook like a hungry kid saddling up to a bowl of spaghetti. I am grateful that I have a platform for self promotion that is free and far reaching and I hope that this pays off. I am out in the world redefining my work life and putting myself out there to be at service to others. The idea behind self promotion is to get people to take me up on my offer! So the question is - do I consider this platform for expression to be social media or simply media? The differentiator is emotional for me. I find myself browsing through all these accomplished profiles wondering how I measure up? I wonder, who's paying attention to me? Cringe. How can I get to be doing what he/she is doing? Double cringe. This self comparison hook is what social media feeds on. This nasty gremlin who's been lurking since I was young likes to take me out at the knees. The weapon of choice is a measuring stick.

During a particularly frenzied facebook feast I came up for air and declared that I have to just do what I'm doing and forget what everyone else is doing! I have to trust that I'm creating great things and that abundance is already present, there is no scarcity.

I set the wheels back on track and maintain that social media is wonderful. I get to be exposed to inspired people who are changing the world! I get to see photos of rock-me-to-my-core quality. I get to create alliances, friendships, and connections with a global community of like minded people.

I am so fortunate to have been exposed to such diverse people thought my Baptiste trainings and this is our way to connect, feel supported and be encouraged. The "like" button is like getting a virtual hug.

Social media allows me to promote the crap out of an event I love and believe in. The Yoga Jam Event, raising money for the Africa Yoga Project,  is taking off in other communities now and I have a voice, albeit digital, that will hopefully find it's way into the hearts of yogis interested in jumping in and being a part of it.

Friends would say that I wear my heart on my sleeve...well my sleeve has a keyboard now. And my heart is deeply in love with Yoga. So if even one post, one photo, one paragraph of a blog piques the interest and sets one person into action then it's all worth it. What I'm up to is to discover the bond in our human community and take it from me, that bond is so present at each Yoga Jam Event and if we keep practicing we'll find that there is no breaking that bond. But we have to do it in real time, face time, eye ball to eye ball. Using social media to invite people to come together, yes, but we still have to walk through the door.

So I'm shutting down my computer and going to hug my husband. Night!

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