Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Yoga Jam leading the change

Where does the money go?

I was asked a very good question today - where exactly does the money go that is donated at the Yoga Jam events? Now before I go into the laundry list of amazing efforts AYP is up to, I do feel strongly that the Yoga Jam is so much more than a fundraiser. I have seen how our community shows up for the event with an open heart and open mind. Yes, it's powerful to practice "for someone else" and how the ego drops. Yes, it's amazing to feel the win win of being moved through an inspiring yoga class while donating to a cause. Yes, it's an amazing opportunity to highlight different styles of yoga, hear different voices and perhaps find your teacher. But really what I see right here, right now is the coming together of our community. The stories that are being told, the wonder of yoga at work, that's good stuff.

The money donated to AYP gets used in several initiatives which include:

$40/month sponsors a teacher's salary at the primary school in the Masai village

$800 buys books for class for one year

$50 buys a goat for a family

$200 buys a cow for a family or community

$600/year with a 4-year commitment pays for a child in secondary school in partnership with Kenya Education Fund.

$40 pays for the translation into sign language for our Deaf Yoga Program

$10 buys a yoga mat

$50 Food Programme feeds 60 kids after a yoga class

$5 provides fresh drinking water to an entire class

$40 pays for a school uniform for a child

$5 buys yoga clothes a woman with special needs

The money also goes towards sponsorship of an AYP Teacher for Yoga training in North America. They then bring back their skills to teach in their own communities.

Pretty amazing how far our dollar goes especially since the average income for those living in the slums of Nairobi is $2 per day.

So from the bottom of my heart - thank you. Thank you for not only showing up so brightly to such a fun community event but for making a difference to those who really need it. I'd love to see the Yoga Jam grow, evolve, reach out. I'm open to suggestions and I hold it out there that this is your event. The event is only as special as those who come to it. I'm inspired!

See you soon!


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