Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Yoga Jam features serious talent

It all started organically at the first Yoga Jam when Cole Manson and Magda Regdos got up and began a Capoeira Demonstration with singing and drumming. Cole is magnetic with his energy and bright smile, not to mention some pretty sweet moves! Cole, Magda and their team got the crowd clapping and grooving to their dance. Their contribution to the event disarmed any anticipation, any barriers, any trepidation. They put themselves OUT THERE! I loved it and it sparked the idea to feature other talent at each Yoga Jam.

One talent that is always present is a professional photographer. They slyly move around capturing blissful moments, moments that create memories. I am very grateful to the photographers who have donated so much more than their time and expertise - they donated their creative expression.

Huge thank you to:

Jordan Junck  www.jordanjunck.com
Bonny Makarewicz
Todd Lawson http://toddlawsonphoto.com/?cat=7
Robin O'Neill  www.robinoneillphotography.com
Dagan Beach- check this out http://www.vimeo.com/20268648
and this month will feature Crystal Brown http://crystalbrownphotography.com/

Seek them out - their talent speaks for them. This is what the Yoga Jam is about - bringing people together to light a spark!

In the meantime I have created a Yoga Jam Events page on Facebook where I will post all of the photography from the events. Enjoy a few selections from past events!  Erin


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