Thursday, 10 March 2011

Finding your teacher

Ok pinch me...I'm a teacher! I always wanted to teach but being a less than average student I thought my chances were dismal. I love watching people light up as they learn something new, break barriers, move through difficulties, it inspires me. I've experienced it with my teachers and for that I've been so grateful.

I guess I didn't know what I was in for when I took my first yoga class with Julia McCabe. I remember walking away thinking "ok that was SOMETHING". I had practiced yoga on and off for years and have always loved it, but once my teacher's voice pierced through my mundane and mediocre approach I was hooked. I haven't looked back since. Finding my teacher saved me. Saved my relationships and set me on a path to living in my truest and deepest sense of myself. I know my friends and family are out there nodding. Julia spoke my language. She unknowingly pushed me past my deeply rooted acceptance of being less-than. Once past that point I've been unstoppable. Yes, I can say that.

I pursued teacher training with a man who unabashedly, relentlessly, compassionately demanded that I be powerful. Baron Baptiste is the teacher who told me that "the train is leaving, are you on, or are you off?" I'M ON!!! I'M ON!! He asks me to "be up to something big" to "to live life as a 10, and show up as a 20" and especially to "be about others". Baron pierced through another layer - a deep one, one that I had carefully protected and kept alive since I was 11. I am forever changed, elevated, up to something big because of him and his teachings.

I have two teachers. I'm lucky. Who is your teacher? I believe we all need someone to follow, someone who can lead us to live in the fullest expression of ourselves, no matter what that expression may be. 

The Yoga Jam is about featuring different teachers each month in order to let their voices be heard, for the people in our community to have an opportunity to find their teacher. Trust me, I admit I would like nothing more than a HUGE line up at my studio doors, I'm a Leo after all! I so cherish each and every student that comes through my doors and I know that I have something to offer them. I believe in what I teach because I am also a student.

There is a teacher for each of us, can we each be open to letting a voice pierce us. Inspire us. Move us. Who is your teacher?

These are the teachers who have graciously and generously come out to share all that they are and all that they believe in:
Christina Tottle
Julia McCabe
Kristen Campbell
Janet Corvino
Jessica Kammell
Peter Elmas
Clara Roberts-Oss
Reno Muenz
Andrew Barclay
Will Blunderfield
Lara Kozan
me, Erin Anderson
and this month Tanya Di Valentino and Colleen Felgate!

December's Yoga Jam featured new Yoga Teachers from Julia McCabe's training including Kim Slater, Isa Mills, Laura Balsor, Katie Svenson and Ash Carter.

And each Yoga Jam features an assistant who lovingly uses their hands to guide you deeper into a posture. This is a very special treat and has been offered by Erin Stephens, Janet Corvino, Lisa Donnovan, Kim Slater and Isa Mills.

If you are a teacher and would like to teach at a Yoga Jam please contact me at

In gratitude,


Gail said...

Who is this Amazon talking? And she has never been a "less than average" anything!!!!!!!!!
Fabulous post!

Julia said...

Good work Miss! I'm equally honoured. Big love xo J

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