Saturday, 7 January 2012

Let go. Repeat.

What's the answer when things get complicated? How do we handle relationships that aren't going according to plan? How do we find out for sure how people feel about us? Of course the word "us" is code for "me"... 

I'm going deep into readings of various sorts and it seems clear to me that the answer is always "let go". I look up, scrunch up my forehead, wonder how and then, oh, right... let go means now. Let go means NOT figuring it out. Let go doesn't mean wait for someone to behave differently or for a situation to change, it means let go - now. 

I'm wondering if you are with me on this? Do you experience ease at letting go of some things, but oh hell no, not THAT? Seems that the key to happiness is to let go of exactly THAT. Damn. 

So why is this coming up for me now? It seems that when things go well for me, or even when they go badly, I can always find myself cavorting with an old feeling of not being good enough. I can blame almost anything on that one little hot spot. Letting go of that seems to mean stepping into being not only good enough but splendidly marvellous. But where's the drama in that? What would life be like with no tether to lowly thoughts? I can honestly say that the very first thought that I had was that I can be bigger and better for my kids, my husband and those I reach out to. Drop the crap and shine, it's time.

So my practice today and every day will be to let go and repeat!


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