Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Africa and the service of love!

Tonight I read a book to my kids called "Give the World a Hug" all about a little cat named Jules who said goodbye to his owner Doozy to go through his list of hugs he wanted to give away. He traveled the world to hug the unusual and seek out the secluded. I explained to my 4 year old daughter that I'm living up to Jules' mission. I'm leaving behind my adorable kids and loving husband to offer up whatever I have to give to the Africa Yoga Project in Nairobi. I know I have hugs, I have love, I have yoga to share and I have great desire to elevate the world. That's what I'm going on and I feel it's enough. Jules' mission was simple and he was unstoppable. I'm inspired by a little fictitious cat, I can't imagine what I'm in for when I touch African soil.

I've had lots of opportunities to be stopped. I'm pushing through personal safety fears with high terrorist attack warnings and war with Somalia. I have no idea what lies ahead but I do know that the one thing that helps ground me in times of uncertainty is yoga. Yoga gets me out of my own way, gets me to a place of letting go of my imagination and puts me directly on the door steps of service. I'm ready.

My yoga mat and a year of support and awareness are packed up and ready to go to Africa. I acknowledge each person who has attended a Yoga Jam Event, who has come to my yoga classes and who has supported me on this trip. Empowering people through the gift of yoga is important work, it's peace work!

I will be back with lots to share. Robin O'Neill, local photographer extraordinaire, will be documenting the trip and I will be writing frequent blog posts. Please stay posted and I look forward to sharing all our experiences with you!

Photo by Dina Rudick


NOT SO FAST said...

Hey Erin! Way to go - what a big step! We will follow you progress and wish you a safe and successful trip!

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