Monday, 4 April 2011

Elevate by being happy.

I've been grappling with the notion that every time I sit down to write about the Yoga Jam it seems to revolve around Cancer lately. You may wonder, if I've been so personally affected by Cancer, why would I be fundraising for the Africa Yoga Project? The answer is deep, complex and truthfully not completely formulated in my mind.

I will start by saying that my personal experience at my teacher training with Baron Baptiste showed me that I have an ability to stand up and have a say. I was so moved by hearing about Moses and Catherine's journey from the slums of Nairobi to teaching Yoga in their community that I had to stand. I was brought to my feet. Moved. It occurs to me that I stand for something. I can take a stand for those who want to fight for change. Those who fight against all odds to bring about peace, to themselves or others are my heros and I want to be a champion to them.

I work, sing, promote, love the Africa Yoga Project and all that it stands for simply because it makes me happy. Cancer makes me scared and pissed. Yoga is breath, Cancer is fear. Yoga is wellness, Cancer is illness. These are the deep felt, not ever expressed out loud kind of feelings I have. I guess it leads to the question, what gets us to stand up? What are we willing to work for? Is it to make a statement, make money, make friends, get love? Maybe all of it, maybe none, we are so individual and absolutely right in our motives. I'm driven to bring peace to Africa in a big way, and I admit that it's fueled by how pissed I am at Cancer. Does it need to make sense? No. Not even to me. I just know that I follow my heart, follow my intuition and keep moving forward no matter the obstacles. And obstacles, judgment and resistance is plenty in all our lives. The greatest source of both inspiration and degradation comes from my internal chit chat. I can only start to affect change in the world by getting out of my own way. I say that phrase often because it's so clear to me that the only thing that stops me from greatness is me. My fear. My anger. The story I create.

I watch my Dad coach my brother through his Cancer treatment, cheer him on. This is a long way from little league. I look down at my own 5 year old son and the pain is unimaginable. Too hot to touch. I strap on my running shoes and try to make sense of it, pounding the pavement trying to shake off the helplessness I feel. If I can't help him right now, what can I do? I become a crusader for something that can change, support a project that is in line with all that I believe in. Generate hope. Somehow the work becomes easy. I'm driven. It may be true that I am avoiding really looking Cancer in the eye, but I don't care. I looked my mum in the eye through two bouts of Breast Cancer, I look my brother in the eye as he questions how this happened to him, I look all the Cancer patients in the eye as I wait for my mammogram appointment. And still I choose to send my energy, love, support, hard work to the Africa Yoga Project. Why? Because it makes me happy.

Please come to the next Yoga Jam April 30th.  Help elevate the world by doing something that makes you happy - I promise this is it! Who knows this may lead to the cure for Cancer! Yoga is full of endless possibilities.

You can also support this cause by visiting the Yoga Jam Events Facebook Page and "like" it!


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